D&SLogoDean & Smedley has been family run since it’s foundation in 1927 – Richard Dean, the present Managing Director is the third generation to be in charge and his daughter Lucy is learning the ropes ready to take his place in due course. The family feel of the company is, we hope, one of the reasons for its success over the years and also for the loyalty and long service of its staff.

We run modern, attractive, community pharmacies designed so that we can respond to the needs of the local people in the most appropriate way. Crucial to this approach is the caring professional, the pharmacist, able to communicate effectively and run an efficient and profitable dispensary and shop.

We aim to be on top of the latest thinking in pharmacy and retailing and to use up-to-date techniques and technology throughout the pharmacy. All our pharmacies have consultation rooms which are being used not only for Medicines Use Reviews but also for enhanced services such as Smoking Cessation, Emergency Hormonal Contraception and Minor Ailments services.

Pre-Registration Training

We employ up to 6 pre-registration students each year. There are two places shared 50:50 between one of our community pharmacies and Queen’s Hospital in Burton on Trent and up to 4 shared 50:50 between two of our community pharmacies. Up to date details are on our website.

For more information, click here to download our Pre-Registration brochure.